Katie Hargrave

Katie Hargrave is a multi-media artist interested in the production of American identity through politics, history, mythology, and narrative. Her work elevates stories from popular culture, those hidden in the archives, and the everyday conversations from passerby’s and participants. Originally from Chicago, Katie received an MA in Cultural Production from Brandeis University and a MFA in Intermedia from the University of Iowa.

T. J. Barnes

confluence of the Wabash and Ohio rivers. He received his BFA from Herron School of Art 1993, wandered around for years then acquired his MFA from the University of Minnesota in Time and Interactivity in 2011. He currently spends his winters in the great north woods of the upper Midwest and his summers based out of the southwest working for the U.S. Forest Service as a Prescott Hotshot.

Sarah Burns

materials, such as drywall, lumber, carpet, plaster, and tiles, from which she makes expertly refined abstract shapes and sculptural forms. Her diverse practice begins with an openness to materials, yet there is also an architectural discipline and earnestness to Burns’ work

Sara Nichol

Sara Nichol is an artist living and working in Minneapolis, MN. She received her BFA from the University of MN in 2013 after working at the Walker from 2003-2009. Both her formal training in photography and her non-traditional education inform her interest in time, memory, and mundane labor: topics which she utilizes as thematic motifs across mediums.

Monica Haller

Monica Haller works on long-term collaborations with individuals and small groups, often using photography, video and writing. Her artistic practice is rooted in social justice concerns and attempts to mobilize information by amplifying the materials and technologies that her collaborators have turned to along the way.

Nick Tandavanij

Nick Tandavanitj has worked with Blast Theory since 1994. In this time, Nick has focused on creative approaches to computing; contributing to the group’s unique mix of skills in structuring interactivity and narrative.

Holly Streekstra

Holly Streekstra’s art practice employs video, sound, performance, installation, and object making, to investigate our inner subjective states and psychic vulnerability in the contemporary world. Her work examines the relationship between human nature and the nature of the physical universe. These sensory environments, anachronistic devices, and unexpected amusements give rise to questions about our desire for mystery and enchantment.

GraceMarie Keaton

GraceMarie Keaton physically and conceptually alters imagery so as to produce photographic objects that question materiality, representation, origin, perception, and assumed photographic truths.

Anthony Warnick

Anthony Warnick is a multi-disciplinary artist who works and lives in Minneapolis, MN. Anthony is currently in the second-year of his masters program at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. His practice spans interactive media installation, performative interventions, and printed matter.