Greg Carideo

Greg makes pictures but he is no photographer. At least that’s what he tells himself. There must be a difference between someone who thinks about photographs and someone who dwells on how interesting it is to photograph. In his work, he uses techniques found within advertising, movies, and tourist pics to play with the way things are seen.

Michael Lee

and is an accomplished and passionate performer. His work, both on the page and on the stage, seeks to evaluate our world from as many angles as possible.

Jess Hirsch

Jess works publicly and privately, making interactive sculpture that can be found in the home, alleyways, city parks, and on a frozen lake. She surveys the delicate nature of healing and is interested in translating alternative medicine into simple forms of experience.

Bianca Pettis

Bianca Pettis works in sound, performance, and sculpture, writing and illustration. Her work explores lost & found sounds, audience participation and play. She is one half of the sound art duo Beatrix*JAR, which for over eight years has spread the good word of DIY Music across the country with hands-on Circuit Bending Workshops, and live conceptual sound art performances.