Ten Chances 2015 (part two)

with Night Owl Farm host Rosie Kimball
Ten Chances \ 2015 \ Part 2

10xARTRES: Minnesota

07 – 20 September

After coming off a fantastic Edinburgh/Gifford project with five rad artists, I am thrilled to welcome Derek, Drew, and Stephen to this mix of veterans – Andy, Collette, and Stephanie. Honestly, I can’t think of a more well-rounded group of thinkers, risk-takers, makers, and warm-hearted folk to bring a project like this together. And that is saying something.

In attempts to mimic the multiple (urban/rural) locations in Scotland, the Minnesota experience begins with multiple days at Night Owl Farm in North Branch, MN – hosted by artist and farmer Rosie Kimball. The second HQ location was in NE Minneapolis.

  • Andy DuCett (Minneapolis)
  • Stephanie Mann (Edinburgh)
  • Collette Rayner (Glasgow)
  • Stephen Kavanagh (Kirkcaldy)
  • Drew Peterson (Minneapolis)
  • Derek Ernster (Minneapolis)

Guest Lecturer:
Sarah Peters

Directed and facilitated by Patricia Healy McMeans