Ten Chances 2013

Minneapolis 2013

20 – 30 June

After the success of our initial pilot season I have secured six artists for the upcoming Summer 2013 residency. We are pleased to announce the Final group of Resident Artists for Residency 2.0, the first independent experimental artists’ residency in Minneapolis.

Artists in Residency:

  • Katy Vonk
  • Greg Carideo
  • Jess Hirsch
  • Marc Willhite (DNVR)
  • Michael Lee
  • Bianca Pettis

Guest Lecturers:
Matt Olson (RO/LU)
Abinadi Meza (AUSTIN)

Visiting Artist:
Maria Norrman \ Swedish Film Artist

Directed by Patricia Healy McMeans
Program Assistant Madeline Sorenson