GraceMarie Keaton

Alumni – 2014

GraceMarie Keaton

Minneapolis, MN

BFA: Minneapolis College of Art + Design, 2013

GraceMarie Keaton physically and conceptually alters imagery so as to produce photographic objects that question materiality, representation, origin, perception, and assumed photographic truths. A BFA graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Keaton has participated in a number of residency programs and has shown her work in galleries in the Midwest and East Coast. In 2013-14 GraceMarie received the Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists. GraceMarie Keaton’s most recent photographic work challenges the notion of the still life as a representation of a fixed moment. Moving between very traditional modes of image capture and manipulation to more improvised forms, her experimental production techniques result in objects that are sites of multiple simultaneous projections.

By pattymcmeans

Patricia Healy McMeans is a current PhD candidate study contemporary art practice and social studios at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) This web log will attempt to document her personal research under the direction of Neil Mulholland.