Discursive art residency bridges the gap between academia and the real world..

It is a place for serious artists of rigor to step back from the Hustle and take time for experiment and research. Ideas, like people, sometimes need a second chance to find their groove. Give them three. Give them ten.

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Moveable Feast Bothy Project

Feast Bothy –  a modular structure built to move – will host several events and be sited in various locations around Edinburgh and Leith over the course of Embassy Annuale, and can be tracked using the Bothy Tracker.

Support and Donations

The 2015 10 Chances Experimental Artists’ Residency is currently being organized. SUGGESTED DONATION — $50.00 Any amount will make a difference, even as small $10, and please spread throughout your social medias and good ole fashioned word of mouth. In backing its continued iterations, you are supporting a new residency paradigm that explores the international possibilities of sister-networked…

Time Without Time Symposium and Workshop

practitioners, academics, and writers from across the USA, UK, and Europe to be involved in generative discussions, each one being considered to fit together as complementary parts of a whole conversation.

Relational Art and Aesthetics

Relational art or relational aesthetics is a mode or tendency in fine art practice originally observed and highlighted by French art critic Nicolas Bourriaud.


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