Chad Rutter

tourism, and ranges from sculpture to drawing to photo-based books. Rutter collects artifacts over the course of his travels and builds for them interpretive display structures; taking his cues from pathways, kiosks and other structures in state and national parks as well as roadside attractions such as amateur museums and tourist traps.

Kelsey Olson

Kelsey Olson presently makes images that investigate the contact print. Beginning with a photographic surface, the prints are, say, rubbed with body lotion, exposed by lightning, or mixing silver gelatin printing processes with others. The effects render the prints painting-like: flat, stark, color field, patterns. 

Daniel Dean

public spaces, value, and social systems.
He often pursues collaboration that explores social relationships, participation, and issues of public and private space. Daniel has been an integral member of Floating Lab Collective since 2008.

John Fleischer

Over the last few years, Fleischer has drawn on transformation narratives to realize a series of speculative works that explore the relationship between notions such as impermanence and regeneration, immediacy and inaccessibility, growth and decay.

Lee Walton

Alumni – 2012 Lee Walton Greensboro, NC MFA: California College of the Arts Lee Walton’s interest in the subtle, everyday actions of public life leads him to projects like “Momentary Performances,” or “27 Piles of Shaving Cream.” Through the simple use of, say, Vinyl text installed in public space, or piling shaving cream sculptures… Continue reading Lee Walton

Emily Stover

Alumni – 2012 Emily Stover Emily Stover \ Franconia Minneapolis / St. Paul MLA: University of Minnesota, Landscape Architecture, 2012 BFA: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1999 Emily Stover is an architect and public artist working in alternative landscapes and new media, and is currently developing temporary architecture as interactive community space. Recently, she has collaborated… Continue reading Emily Stover

Ben Garthus

Ben Garthus is a Brooklyn-based artist that makes work which stretches the boundaries of sculpture to include the unexpected discoveries that are possible when human interaction merges with systems, objects and structures

Peter McLarnan

Peter McLarnan, Writer/Director/Producer of Independent feature film The Sound of Small Things. The Sound of Small Things premiered at Slamdance Film Festival in 2012 and went on to play at festivals across the country. The Sound of Small Things is distributed online by Seed and Spark.

K. Valentine Cadieux

Valentine Cadieux, My Ten Chances project is called: Cultivating table conversations: How to listen to food system stories
My intent for these three weeks is to develop a practice of line drawings to braid together more integratively three strands of my work that should obviously be related but that haven’t to date worked together very smoothly…