Patricia Healy McMeans is an artist, researcher and co-producer of projects taking the form of artists’ residencies, social sculptures, sound work and participatory printed matter. Her work investigates how radical hospitality and slow immersion creates the translocal within the artist-led social studio whilst identifying residential learning and practice.

Patricia Healy McMeans

Ten Chances | Founder & Coordinator

Patricia Healy McMeans from Minneapolis Minnesota U.S. currently lives and studies in Edinburgh. She is an artist, writer, curator, and sometime independent editor and publisher of projects taking the form of books and other printed matter. She taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for ten years, and has collaborated much in the past 6 years: with the good folks at Art of This gallery in south Minneapolis, Katinka Galanos to run the Duets Series at formerly Quincy Street Projects, and Christopher dela Pole to curate and produce Pay Attention: GM08, the first large survey exhibition of the Greater Minneapolis emerging contemporary art scene.

She traveled and taught college art courses on Semester at Sea, the Summer Voyage 2009, which explored the Mediterranean. She also co-curated the international travelling exhibition 8x8x8 MSP/LON/NYC in 2006-07 which journeyed both the work and its 24 artists from Minneapolis to London and then New York over an 18-month duration. Her most recent project in 2011 was titled NOT-BOOK: This Is Not a Book, a 102-page plus enhanced CD publication that involved several artists in the Ten Chances, No Hustle experimental urban artists’ residency.

Considering herself primarily an artist, her strategies continue to place the artist first and create opportunities for artists to move.

Her co-producing endeavours include five culminating events from 10XArtRes iterations, Moveable Feast Bothy (Edinburgh), and is affiliated with the Number Shop, Bargain Spot, Embassy Annuale, Cove Park Residency, Hospitalfield Arts, formerly Soap Factory (Mpls), Art Shanty Projects and Art of This gallery. She currently teaches at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and resides in the Twin Cities.


Past Experiences

Time Without Time

Time without Time brings together interdisciplinary artists, practitioners, academics, and writers from across the USA, UK, and Europe to be involved in generative discussions, each one being considered to fit together as complementary parts of a whole conversation. We will be welcoming guests Julieta Aranda (New York/Berlin) from eflux, Dan Brown (Edinburgh) from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Lucy Byatt (Dundee) from Hospitalfield Arts, researcher and author Mark Carrigan, PhD (Warwick), artist designer Neil McGuire (Glasgow) from GSA, artist and writer Sarah Petersen (Los Angeles), artist designer Emily Stover (Minneapolis/St.Paul), author Ivor Southwood (Brighton), and others tba.

Moveable Feast: A Bothy Project

12-28 June, 2015
Running as part of the Embassy Annuale
Edinburgh, Scotland

Created and Programmed by Patricia Healy McMeans, Stephen Kavanagh & James Currie, with Design and Building assistance from Donald Watson

Moveable Feast Bothy –  a modular structure built to move – will host several events and be sited in various locations around Edinburgh and Leith over the course of Embassy Annuale, and can be tracked using the Bothy Tracker. Events throughout the Annuale to include dinners, exhibitions, film screenings, and workshops, including one-nighter art shows curated by artists James Currie and Rachael Disbury, respectively, and film screening/s highlighting site-specific situated learning environments, such as Black Mountain College, organized by Stephen Kavanagh. MF:Residency is an experimental artists’ residency project running with and through the Bothy, and can be followed here.

Through this project, we are co-opting the improvisational camaraderie and conversational tactics of what occurs “down the pub” which remain in constant flux, and are the incubators of networking, assemblage, and resistance. The moving-through-ness of the structure’s transportability challenges and investigates ways in which knowledge is exchanged in an era of social acceleration: often through a temporary settlement within a like-minded community, both scalable and embedded at the same time.

One Room Schoolhouse

January 14 – February 5, 2012
On Medicine Lake, Plymouth, Minnesota

Visual Artists: Anthony Warnick, Katinka Galanos, Patricia Healy, Alyson Coward, Derek Ernster

Building on the traditions of the rural one-room schoolhouses during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we re-claim this mode of all-inclusive, non-hierarchical learning. Within the walls of our basic one-room schoolhouse, students and the public-at-large can learn basic and advanced skills, as well as have a voice in choosing the school’s Guest lecturers and participating in the workshops that the Guests then lead.

Art Shanty Projects is a four-week exhibition that is part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social experiment, inspired by traditional ice fishing houses that dot the state’s lakes in winter. It is an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which the relatively unregulated public space of the frozen lake can be used as a new and challenging artistic environment to expand notions of what art can be.

SGSAH ‘Policy Stories’

A 2-day residential programme for hands-on training and knowledge exchange. Policy Stories, Or How to Make Friends and Influence Policy took place in Edinburgh City Centre at the Scottish Storytelling Centre & the Scottish Parliament on 19-20 November 2015.

Combining talks, performances and workshops, Policy Stories: Or How to Make Friends and Influence Policy was a unique and innovative 2-day residential event of hands-on training and knowledge exchange. Funded by the AHRC, 22 doctoral researchers from 12 universities worked with leading policy makers, academics and professional storytellers to explore how research can have an impact on policy-making. {Legacy Resources}

NOT–BOOK Issue no. 1

NOT-BOOK Issue no. 1 was produced independently out of Minneapolis. It is a 102-page perfect bound printed beauty
with expanded CD and several interweb presences
which only make sense in conjunction with the printed book. In which 19 artists, writers, and thinkers move to explode the traditions of what we agree a book can be. French theorists Deleuze + Guattari wrote that “a book is a plateau” and that it “moves always from the middle… having no beginning and ending”.