Live Feed


In July of 2016, as my second year was coming to its end, I ran an action research project called LIVE FEED at The Number Shop in Edinburgh. This comprised a 36-hour continuous live video feed to the locales in which the 10X residents from the summer before were presently situated at that time, and streamed live to the street on Pleasance Road in Edinburgh. Almost a year to the date of our initial kick-off to 10X, at which time the seven of us had come together in Edinburgh and caravanned to Gifford, from USA, Zurich, London, and Edinburgh, we reconvened through Skype to livestream one Place to another.

Stephen Kavanagh

Stephen’s practice embraces both social and physical architecture, with a keen interest in the ethos of Black Mountain College, especially the aspect in which the BMC students built their own building sites of learning. Through such collaborative projects as Moveable Feast Bothy (2015), which moved around the city of Edinburgh for 17 days in June, he has been able to manifest the condition of self-built situated learning. His 2-and 3-d work seeks out locations within the built environment that hold fractured histories and memories; exploring absence, presence, destruction, and preservation. Recently, his work has developed into 3 and 4 dimensions– languid cinematic evocations, and time-based events. This year, he will be an artist-in-residence in Catania, Italy, as well as 10 Chances Minneapolis, and next Spring he will take up a six-month residence in Japan.

Derek Ernster

Derek Ernster
Minneapolis, MN

“A pattern is a single gesture multiplied. Do the things once and imitate that five more times. That entire set of motions is repeated five more time and we’re getting somewhere, crawling around the surface like a floral pattern on a sheet, or weeds in the grass. We’re making the objects meaningless, emptying them out, overwhelming the things with their own appearance in order to object to the assumption that space can be emptied at all, that anything operates as a void. The Lower Order is the bricks in the architecture of a Higher Order you see, and the fly finds its way inside whether the door is opened or not.”

Drew Peterson 

Drew is a diverse multi-disciplinary artist whose studio practice incorporates a wide variety of innovative printmaking techniques which bridge graffiti, street, painting and sculpture. His central locus remains on perception, abstraction, color and line. His work has been shown in a recent solo exhibition at The Burnet Gallery in Minneapolis and in a group exhibitions at the Soap Factory, XYZ Gallery in Minneapolis and the Fernwey Gallery in Chicago.

Luke Burton

Luke Burton is an artist living and working in London. He has exhibited extensively in the UK including the Institute of Contemporary Art; Carroll/Fletcher; Bosse & Baum; Vitrine Gallery; Milton Keynes Gallery; Turner Contemporary and most recently at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. Luke’s multi-disciplined work includes sculpture, drawing and video examining the aesthetic, social and political dimensions found between the decorative, male identity and urban environments.

Collette Rayner

Collette has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions throughout the UK and most recently presented a series of new writings for Radio Anti’s live broadcast and panel discussion, The Map is The Territory at Bloc Projects, Sheffield.

Stephanie Mann

Stephanie Mann is currently Artist in Residence at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop & Stills (May-Aug 2015), Funded by Royal Scottish Academy. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Talbot Rice in Edinburgh. Stephanie has exhibited work in Athens, Greece; Newfoundland, Canada; Perth, Australia; London and Glasgow. Stephanie was awarded the John Watson Prize, ‘13; Andrew Grant Bequest Award, ‘13; and the John Kinross Travel Scholarship, ‘13.

Stephanie’s works are contemporary interpretations of the still life through flattened sculptural photography, prints, video, installation, and performance. 

Andy DuCett

Andy DuCett’s art practice employs drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, and object making. Andy’s solo exhibition, ‘why we do this,’ (2012) a loose narrative of installations, performative, and interactive vignettes covering 12,000 sq. ft. at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, MN was cinematic and epic.

Anne-Laure Franchette

(photography, installations, writing, sketches, pyrogravure, embroidery, etc.) to create multiple modalities of experience.

James Currie

James is collaborating with Patty for this years Ten Chances Summer Residency by bringing the project to rural Gifford, where his family and Scottish heritage has resided (Braewell) for several generations. James was an advocate & contributor to The Moveable Feast Bothy Project in conjunction with the Embassy Annuale 2015 in June, curating ‘Units’ and presenting his personal work alongside fellow artist Anne-Laure Franchette.