K. Valentine Cadieux

K. Valentine Cadieux

Alumni – 2012

K. Valentine Cadieux


  • MA, PhD: University of Toronto, 2006 
  • BA: Harvard University, 1998

My Ten Chances project is called: Cultivating table conversations: How to listen to food system stories

My intent for these three weeks is to develop a practice of line drawings to braid together more integratively three strands of my work that should obviously be related but that haven’t to date worked together very smoothly:

  • experiential education events (/situations) related to food & environmental justice, and organized around getting people to talk across common divisions between different perspectives on the food system
  • systemic diagramming (of justice and power in the food system)(that I’m trying to make simultaneously more interactive and also more able to collect, analyze, and display the way that people have used the diagrams over time) (e.g. to build user assessments into protocols in ways that track kinds of uses over time – what kinds of things are people trying to figure out with their diagrams?)
  • interpretations of food system experiences – attempting to reconcile different media in diagrams via indexical graphics (reflecting emotional experience of food system situations)

The outcomes of these three strands are scheduled to be:

  • a Common Room food and agriculture tour (on the closing day of our residency)
  • a set of interactive food system games and situation set ups for this year’s State Fair
  • and the start of a set of (woodblock? marker?) illustrations relating to food system perspectives (and to be used to build the infrastructure of a food system online story exhibit)

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