Lee Walton

Lee (right) with Ben Garthus
Patty and Lee (right)
Ben, Lee, Matt Olson and Emily
Lee (left) and Emily
circa 2011

Alumni – 2012

Lee Walton


Greensboro, NC

MFA: California College of the Arts

Lee Walton’s interest in the subtle, everyday actions of public life leads him to projects like “Momentary Performances,” or “27 Piles of Shaving Cream.” Through the simple use of, say, Vinyl text installed in public space, or piling shaving cream sculptures in a 2 mile radius of his home, everyday actions are formalized and take on a new life. “Playing Apart” dismantles an entire 90-piece marching band into single performers that collectively use the whole city as a playing field. Each band member, dressed in plain clothes, continually play Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Going To Take It as they walk their own route through the city. Through this amplification, intimate everyday occurrences become celebrated events and blur the line between real-life and theater.

AOT Permormance

The inimitable Lee Walton joined us from Greensboro, North Carolina, for just one week. His energy and vision became key in setting the tone of how these weeks would shape themselves. Serious rigor. Sense of humor. Presence of mind. Risk taking.

As one of the two out-of-state residents, his 24-hour dedication and immediacy became a constant which local residents could adhere to and measure as they also dealt with their busy daily lives. His attention re- mained only here. Lee’s practice involves control and random social practice situations specifically related to Place, and this “think tank” was a perfect environ- ment for him to experiment with like thinkers.

Sweatshirt Performance

Wild Card
Baltimore vs. Texas
Oct 5th 7:30 pm (CST)
Live Broadcast

  • Ball (zipper up)
  • Foul (zipper middle)
  • Strike (zipper down)
  • Two outs (right sleeve up)
  • Commercial Break (hands in pockets)

– Performer (unknown)

Baltimore vs. Texas | Oct 5th 7:30 pm (CST) | Live Broadcast

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