Ben Garthus

Alumni – 2012

Ben Garthus

New York City

  • MFA: University of Minnesota, 2011 
  • BFA: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 2001

Ben Garthus is a Brooklyn-based artist that makes work which stretches the boundaries of sculpture to include the unexpected discoveries that are possible when human interaction merges with systems, objects and structures.

Circa 2012


Ephemeral screen print Ten Chances 2012 HQ

A series of light sensitive screens exposed directly from neighboring storefronts near the Ten Chances HQ on Nicollet and 26th in South Minneapolis. The ready made screens were printed onto the glass Ten Chances storefront.

By pattymcmeans

Patricia Healy McMeans is a current PhD candidate study contemporary art practice and social studios at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) This web log will attempt to document her personal research under the direction of Neil Mulholland.