Derek Ernster

Partially Erased Ventilation
of Building

Alumni – 2015

Derek Ernster

Minneapolis, MN

BFA: Minneapolis College of Art and Design – 2012

“A pattern is a single gesture multiplied. Do the things once and imitate that five more times. That entire set of motions is repeated five more time and we’re getting somewhere, crawling around the surface like a floral pattern on a sheet, or weeds in the grass. We’re making the objects meaningless, emptying them out, overwhelming the things with their own appearance in order to object to the assumption that space can be emptied at all, that anything operates as a void. The Lower Order is the bricks in the architecture of a Higher Order you see, and the fly finds its way inside whether the door is opened or not.” 

Derek also co-directs Detroit, a one-nighter artspace on Lowry Ave in NE Minneapolis.

By pattymcmeans

Patricia Healy McMeans is a current PhD candidate study contemporary art practice and social studios at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) This web log will attempt to document her personal research under the direction of Neil Mulholland.