Anne-Laure Franchette

Anne-Laure with native Scottish grass | Gifford, Scotland

Alumni – 2015

Anne-Laure Franchette

Zürich, CH

MA Media Arts: Manchester Metropolitan University, UK – 2006

Anne-Laure Franchette is an artist currently working in Zurich. Anne-Laure is interested in using transmediality in her story telling. She explores different vehicles of representations (photography, installations, writing, sketches, pyrogravure, embroidery, etc.) to create multiple modalities of experience. Anne-Laure work reflects western society’s fantasies of the unfamiliar and its consumption of other cultures by looking at exoticism, contemporary myths or stereotypes.

Anne-Laure presented work with James Currie for Units, Moveable Feast Bothy show (2015), in conjunction with the Embassy Annuale Festival here in Edinburgh this past June. Anne-Laure has exhibited in Paris, London, Liverpool, Sydney, Manchester, and Zürich.


Art Exhibition featuring James Currie & Anne-Laure Franchette

In conjunction with the ‘Movable Feast Bothy’ and the Embassy Annuale, an exhibition featuring the work of James Currie, and Zürich based artist Anne-Laure Franchette.

Friday 26th – 28th June. Opening and drinks will be at 7pm on the 26th at our Canalside location.

As part of the Embassy Annuale, the bothy is traveling the length and breadth of the city, and will be providing a platform for various events, shows, and discussions. By the time ‘Units’ comes around, the bothy will be on the final leg of its journey, and the structure will remain in its last stop on the Canal at Fountainbridge for the Canal Festival on Saturday, noon-6pm.

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