Ten Chances 2015 (part one)

Pom Poms

Activating Space(s)

The origins of the pom poms is unknown. They were most likely purchased at the near bye shop in Gifford, or Poundland store by one of the residents. Their original purpose forgotten. What they became was essentially a running joke and/or material study and collaboration among the residents.

The pom poms were uniquely recycled several times throughout the Braewell House, and Gifford its-self. They would randomly show up in unlikely places such as: cupboard, on the steps, nestled in the drystone wall adjacent to the property, in vacant nooks and crannies, headdresses, and along the frequent route to the near pub. The pom poms were used to activate the nuances of the entire site in unexpected situations. Their stark primary colours contrasted native stone and Scottish building masonry.