Ten Chances 2012

Emily Stover

I use elements of design, technology, and performance to construct sensory and collaborative experiences in public space, exposing the power of our everyday surroundings and social systems. Though these spatial interventions are varied (including a mobile sauna on a frozen lake, a structure for making and sharing filled dumplings in the Wisconsin farmlands, and a gong in a parking garage), each strives to create a sense of wonder and communion with and within the environment. I want to inspire individual moments of curiosity that multiply and eventually overrun inattentiveness. These new connections and understandings, though physically intangible, can become the source material for larger and more concrete changes to our structures for living.

Emily Stover \ Artist Statement

Bread Production

Through the duration of Emily’s time in the residency she proactively used the former delis’ shared neighboring kitchen (associated with the Black Forest) to produce hundreds of loaves of bread. The loaves were used in interactive sculptural gestures in the residency space and beyond.